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Forensic and Clinical Toxicology expertise right here in the North Country. We employ industry leaders who investigate, develop and validate methods to achieve the best, most accurate analyses. Your samples are tested locally by a team who care about your results. We are the North Country and your patients are our friends, neighbors and loved ones.

Drug Testing Urine for the North Country

Partnering with physicians and healthcare providers to deliver custom drug testing solutions.

Clinical, medical and forensic expertise under one roof

Reports that are easy to read and understand

Direct access to leading scientists to answer your toxicology questions.

State-of-the-art laboratory offering the highest quality sample analysis

“Reflex” testing available

Champlain Toxicology

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Located in northern New York on the Adirondack Coast, Champlain Toxicology Lab began as a Physicians Office Laboratory space. Discussions with other regional medical providers highlighted the need for a local drug testing laboratory with accessible expertise. Healthcare providers were frustrated with the difficult encountered trying to reach a “live” resource to answer questions pertaining to specific patient samples.

In order to service this burgeoning need, Champlain Toxicology Lab expanded in 2018 into a new, state-of-the-art laboratory. In addition to doubling our staff and building redundancy into our analytical systems, we achieved admittance into the New York State Department of Health Clinical Laboratory Evaluation Program allowing us to accept samples from additional practices and providers.

Test Menu

Champlain Toxicology Lab provides the highest quality sample analysis by forensic and clinical toxicology experts

Champlain Toxicology Lab is always reviewing new research and investigating analytes to add to our current menu.

If the drug or metabolite that you are looking for is not included here, please let us know.